Discover SPRINGFORD is exploding

12,000+ views, 150+ shares and counting!

No new Acting Realtor podcast this week. I’m sorry. Things have been a little insane the last couple of weeks as I was burning the midnight oil trying to get things ready for the big launch of Discover SPRINGFORD.

This past Saturday was Royersford Community Day- the first public appearance for Discover SPRINGFORD. We had information about the TV show, as well as T-shirts for sale, and literature about my real estate business. This was the day before the premiere episode of the show on Sunday night, which was all part of my devious plan. (insert maniacal laugh)

To be honest I was afraid that people would be apathetic about the while thing. They would kindly peruse the vendor table out of courtesy, take some of the free candy and leave without any information whatsoever. What happened was exactly the opposite. My wife (as usual) had the brilliant idea of running home to get clothes hangers to display the T-shirts. The result was people making a b-line for our table. Not only that but they were excited to hear about the show, and even took some of my real estate materials. Plus we sold 32 T-shirts!!!

Throughout the day I saw people walking the streets wearing the very shirts I had designed. They had taken them out of the plastic and were sporting them immediately!

I had so many great conversations with people from the community that the 5 hours flew by and I didn’t sit down once. I may be a little biased but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that we had one of the most popular displays of the day. (Alright, Geoff, calm down)

All that excitement led into Sunday, the real test. This was when the show would make its debut on YouTube/Facebook. Around 7:55pm I went live on Facebook to try to encourage people to head over to the Discover SPRINGFORD Facebook page and YouTube channel to watch the show. I was hoping it wouldn’t fall flat like so many other passion projects I had worked on in my life. That’s when it happened, something I’d never experienced.

The video started to go viral (locally). No I didn’t get a million views but at last count it was over 12,000. Between the YouTube link and Facebook video it has been shared over 150 times. At the time the episode was published, we had 332 page likes. Now, we have 667 and counting.


(I took this screenshot when we were at 11,000 views)

And what’s even crazier, is that most of that attention is from people I don’t know. People who are proud of their community and will support anything that showcases it in a positive light.

If you haven’t yet seen it, I encourage you to check out the first episode of Discover SPRINGFORD. You can watch it or listen to it as a podcast @

Here is the opening sequence!

If you like it, then be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, and Twitter.

I have no idea what will become of this project but one thing I can tell you is that this is gonna be one heck of a ride…

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