Getting a Jump-start on 2017! | Achieving Old Goals and Setting New Ones

2017 Goals

There are two weeks left in the year and 2017 is already starting to take shape.

I was able to help some clients go under contract on their first home that is due to settle in January and I also secured two paid acting gigs to start out the year. I also am performing in my very first cabaret showcase on Valentine’s Day (which reminds me, I need 12 people to buy $15 tickets to come and see me perform on Valentine’s Day. Let me know if you are able to commit to it). You can get the info here.

But as I get excited for the New Year and a clean slate with limitless possibilities, I have to resist the urge of packing it in for 2016. It’s kind of like Senior-itis. You see December 31st as the finish line and for some reason we think a day on the calendar actually means the end of something.

The easiest example for me is when we decide to binge eat because we are convinced that we will start the New Year with some resolution of taking better care of ourselves.

As exciting as a New Year can be, especially if this year has been particularly crummy for you, it’s important that we don’t just coast through to the end and put off accomplishing some of our #2016goals just because there are only two weeks left.

I encourage to take advantage of these final days of 2016. What can you accomplish in this short amount of time that could catapult you into an incredible 2017? Maybe there is a book you’ve been putting off reading that could be life-changing. Maybe there is relationship on the rocks that needs some mending. Whatever it is, don’t take the easy way out by making it a “New Year’s Resolution.” Instead, make it an end of the year goal. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Also, now is a great time to think about what types of #2017goals you would like to establish for yourself.

Finish 2016 well and get a jump-start on 2017 over the next two weeks. You’ll be glad you did.