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I believe a home is where we are truly loved. Where we can comfortably take off the masks that society wants us to wear in order to fit in.

The home is the most important aspect of our society. It is where love flourishes. It is where hope is established. It is where dreams are realized. Without a place we can call home, we don’t feel loved. We feel hopeless. We don’t have a safe place to share our dreams without being laughed at.

Unfortunately, in our society, broken homes and broken families are the cultural norm. But why can’t our homes be the safe haven from the troubled world that they are intended to be? A place where even outsiders and outcasts are welcome to come and share a meal. Share in life together.

At Desiato Homes, our mission is not to offer real estate services for people who want to buy or sell a house.

Our mission is to be authentic and generous in all of our dealings,  both inside and outside of the real estate industry, in order to use our platform and resources to restore broken homes and provide a safe haven for those in need. 

To find out how we are making a difference, check out our vision!