Who Let the Dogs Out

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Yesterday was one of those days in the life of the entrepreneur that no one promotes on social media. I wasn’t hob-nobbing with society’s elite, I wasn’t shopping for my next sports-car, or rolling around in dolla billz naked. (Sorry, I felt like spelling it that way would get you to laugh.)

Instead, I spent hours on the phone, and no, I was not negotiating million-dolla…ahem…dollAR deals. I was on the phone with the IRS, a Health Insurance company, a Personal Lines Insurance company, a cable company, and VistaPrint. Ah the glamorous life of the self-employed. It’s days like these that I think of when people tell me how lucky I am to be self-employed. LOL!

Anyway, this morning I am reminded that when things appear difficult or when negative things interrupt your day, there is always something worse that could’ve happened.

Around 4pm yesterday afternoon I was driving to drop off a check to the local business association. I have signed up “Discover SPRINGFORD” as a vendor at Royersford Community Day. On my way back, without warning, two Doberman Pinchers(sp?) ran out into the street. It happened so fast that I hadn’t little time to react.


I hit one of them.


I stopped my car and looked in the rear-view to see both of them scurrying away, one appeared to be limping. I was slightly relieved to see that they were not lying lifeless on the ground. I put four-ways on and got out of the car to see where they had gone. By this time, a few people had heard the commotion and were trying to locate the animals. After 10-15 minutes we were able to locate their owners and both dogs. They were appreciative that I stopped and was concerned and they assured me that the animals seemed okay. They were upset that someone had allowed them outside than with me. Not that they had any reason to be upset with me. I was literally blind-sided.

Anyway, I walked around looking for these dogs I was a little perturbed at the inconvenience this was causing in the midst of my busy day. That’s when I realized how bad this situation COULD HAVE been. What if the dogs were smaller? What if they had run into the street just a second earlier? Instead of them running into the passenger-side headlight, I would have hit them head-on. No doubt the damage would have been devastating and I would’ve been emotionally shaken. (I feel guilty when I run over a bunny or a squirrel who darts into the road, always trying to swerve to avoid the inevitable outcome). Imagine if I had to stand there powerless as an animal suffered and died. Then worse, I had to search for the owner to deliver THAT news.

It’s moments like these that I have to remember there are a lot of things that are merely inconveniences that I treat like travesties. But in reality, I am just a selfish fool who thinks more highly of his own interests and plans than the bigger picture.

God forgive me.

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