Friday Fun | Movie & TV Recommendations

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Hey gang,

I just finished recording episode #41 of the podcast and it is a doozy! I share some of my views on money, success and the materialism that has intoxicated our country. Yeah, like I said, doozy. 

But before we tackle the hard topics on Monday, I thought you’d like a something lighthearted for your final few hours of the work week.

Movie Recommendation: The Mask of Zorro

Seriously, if you’ve never seen it you are missing out. I’ve been trying to watch as many movies with Spanish accents as possible in preparation for my upcoming role as Che Guevara in EVITA and I kind of forgot just how awesome this one is. This movie has everything: Sword-fighting, humor, crazy stunts, No CGI, Catherine Zeta-Jones…but anyway, great popcorn flick for you to check out.

TV Recommendation: Son of Zorn

This show is brilliant in that it mixes Live-Action with Animation, and never once addresses the difference. Think He-Man meets Modern Family. The cast is near-perfect in their respective roles. My only fear is that it is too far out there to gather a following. For those of you who grew up during the advent of the animated legends like Masters of the Universe, you will love this.


Weekend Plans

Tonight I will be performing some selections from EVITA with fellow cast members at a local First Friday event. Hopefully, this will drum up some free publicity for the show which opens on November 4th. Tomorrow my dad and I are supposed to be playing for an outdoor festival of sorts but the weather report is not looking great. Sunday is church, then rehearsal, followed by watching the DVR of the Eagles game. Church. Theater. Football. Life is good.


Anyway, that’s all I can think of to write today. I think my brain has already checked out for the weekend. Don’t miss the new episode of the podcast on Monday morning. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or any other podcatcher app.