Hello Royersford!

We made it! We moved and hell didn’t freeze over! What an incredibly satisfying feeling to have finally accomplished this goal which has been over 6 years in the making.

My family and I owe a debt of gratitude for the folks who volunteered their time to help make this move possible.


Troy Gahman

Craig & Colin Silsbee

Tomas Petrusilova

Tom & Noah Marsters

Rich Rohe

Luke Desiato


I can finally grill again. Oh the assortment of meats that will be grilled in my backyard! I can almost taste them. I am so excited to put down roots and I can say without reservation that Royersford has never seen the likes of me before. I have so many ideas  to get involved in the community that I can’t wait to implement. We still have plenty of boxes to unpack first but before long you are going to see some cool new things begin to happen in the world of Desiato Homes and Real Person | Real Needs. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!