The Trouble with Pants

The Trouble with Pants

You’re never going to believe it. It happened again.

However, this time it was a different scenario and was not caused by my feeble attempts at demonstrating athleticism.

Last night I attended an audition for a play called “Don’t Drink the Water.” One of my goals for this year was to perform in a play in order to help me develop as an actor without relying on my singing to carry me through a performance. And this particular play has a special meaning to me because it was the first play that I auditioned for in high school.

I went to the audition and ran into a friend who co-starred with me in EVITA last November. He’s on my mailing list and had recently read my article about how I had split my pants at an audition. He even quipped, “Hey, don’t rip your pants this time.” We both laughed at the thought of the million-to-one odds of me ripping my pants in consecutive auditions.

That was until I returned to my chair after reading a side for my audition. When I sat back down my pants’ pocket got caught on the arm of the chair and I heard that dreaded tearing sound. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I didn’t tear them as badly this time around, and it wasn’t while I was the center of attention, but still. I mean, c’mon, who does that?

I’m still waiting to hear back about how the audition went, but since I was offered the last part I auditioned for after ripping my pants, I’m afraid to think what I may have to do going forward if I am somehow fortunate enough to be cast after this audition. I may need to stock up on tear-away pants for all of my future auditions. 😉


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