JUMPSTART! YOUR LIFE: Identifying Your Leap and Overcoming the Fear of Taking It (Audio Version)

The next 12 episodes are designed to encourage you to discover why it is that you were put on this earth and how you are uniquely positioned to change the world. By taking you through my own personal journey, my goal is to motivate you to identify the current trajectory of your life and course-correct […]

self-improvement & extreme ownership

AR009: “Self-Improvement & Extreme Ownership”

In this episode, we look at four key elements to self-improvement and extreme ownership. For anyone who is looking to pursue their dreams while also being incredibly practical, then these four things that I have implemented in my life as an acting realtor may be helpful for you. Deploying Self-Awareness and Destroying Self-Doubt Putting Down […]

The Return of Wheezy McGee

AR003: “The Return of Wheezy McGee”

A quick disclaimer: this episode includes a lot of coughing, sniffling, and overall grossness courtesy of yours truly and my seasonal allergies. Autumn is my absolute favorite season for a number of reasons. Football, leaves, Thanksgiving, My Fall Wardrobe (which includes an assortment of sweater vests, bowties, and dope jackets). I also met my wife […]