Wheezy McGee Autumn

044: “The Return of Wheezy McGee” | An Ode to Autumn (Audio Diary)

As you know, I have always made a concerted effort to be authentic. So, to be honest, recently I have felt unsure with the identity of this podcast. Though I think the podcast content has been valuable to many people, I feel a bit guilty that it has, at times, been haphazard in its delivery.

Initially, it was my candid thoughts as I transitioned into my new career in Real Estate, then I tried my hand at interviewing fellow entrepreneurs for a few episodes. I soon returned to more of a personal diary style, discussing topics pertaining to young entrepreneurs. But for a while now, I’ve started to feel like I still have not found this podcast’s identity. Did this podcast really represent who I am as a person? Not just my genuine thoughts (it certainly did that). But was I using my gifts and radio producing experience to the their fullest capacity in order to present my message in the best way possible? 

After a period of soul-searching, I decided that it was time to put my unique stamp on the podcasting world. 

Due to the positive feedback I received on the new podcast format I tried last week, I have decided to proceed in this new direction. And I believe this episode builds on where we left off last week. It’s a new chapter for the #RealPersonRealNeeds podcast, and I hope you will spread the word and continue to follow me on my quest to be authentic and generous in a superficial and self-centered.


Podcast summary:

A quick disclaimer: this episode includes a lot of coughing, sniffling, and overall grossness courtesy of yours truly and my seasonal allergies. Autumn is my absolute favorite season for a number of reasons. Football, leaves, Thanksgiving, My Fall Wardrobe (which includes an assortment of sweater vests, bow-ties, and dope jackets). I also met my wife during this season and the memories of that first autumn together are still fresh in my mind.

But this time of year also brings with it an annual bout of allergy-induced asthma. It’s like clockwork, really.