051: “Not For the Faint of Heart” | The Ups & Downs of Self-Employment


On this episode, I share how self-employment and chasing your dreams can be an emotional roller-coaster. It certainly isn’t for everyone and frankly some days I wonder if it’s even for me! But in the midst of all of the chaos and uncertainty, God is faithful to teach me important lessons and let the clouds part so that I can see a bit more clearly in the midst of the storms.



00:00-04:50 Intro and Battling the Emotional Roller-coaster

04:51-09:45 If You Think Avoiding Hard Things Makes Life Easier, Then You’re Deceiving Yourself

09:46-15:52 A Peek Behind the Clouds | Seeking Clarity on Our Path

15:53-16:38 Housekeeping and Outro


This episode featured original music by The No Longer and Rainy Day Theory, written by Geoffrey Desiato and Nic Billman