Dreams & Reality Checks

AR005: “Dreams & Reality Checks”

On this episode, I share how self-employment and chasing your dreams can be an emotional roller-coaster. It certainly isn’t for everyone and frankly some days I wonder if it’s even for me! But in the midst of all of the chaos and uncertainty, God is faithful to teach me important lessons and let the clouds part so that I can see a bit more clearly in the midst of the storms.

As many of you know, my dream is to one day work for Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been invited to audition for them twice. Once in 2015 and then again in 2016. Both times I was not selected for their upcoming season. And I’d come to terms with that and have continued to work on improving as an actor and performer in the meantime. I’d also started to look ahead to 2017 and outline my plan for the year as best I could.

Then something interesting happened.



This episode was originally published under the Real Person | Real Needs title as episodes 51 “Not for the Faint of Heart” and 52 “When Your Dream Almost Comes True.”

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