The Return of Wheezy McGee

Wheezy McGee

Autumn is my absolute favorite season for a number of reasons. Football, leaves, Thanksgiving, My Fall Wardrobe (which includes an assortment of sweater vests, bowties, and dope jackets). I also met my wife during this season and the memories of that first autumn together are still fresh in my mind.

But this time of year also brings with it an annual bout of allergy-induced asthma. It’s like clockwork, really. The first few months of dating my wife I sounded horrible. It’s a wonder she decided to stick it out. Wheezing, a cough that sounds like a barking dog, plus my inability to breathe really makes sleeping a miserable experience, which leads to me being grouchy all day. Am I painting a pleasant picture yet?

It will be interesting this year since I am busier than ever- rehearsals and performances for two different shows, gigs every weekend, etc. So if you think of it, say a prayer that I can manage my asthma and get sufficient rest over the next few weeks. I would really appreciate it.

Also, if you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to this week’s podcast, I encourage you to do it. Whenever I speak about sometime that really bugs me, I tend to get a little fired up. And I think the quality of the episodes improve as a result. So give a listen.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, do a google search for “Trump Clinton Time of My Life” and watch the video somebody made using footage from the second presidential debate. You will thank me later for the smile it puts on your face.

That’s all for now.

Talk to you tomorrow,