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AR009: “Self-Improvement & Extreme Ownership”

In this episode, we look at four key elements to self-improvement and extreme ownership. For anyone who is looking to pursue their dreams while also being incredibly practical, then these four things that I have implemented in my life as an acting realtor may be helpful for you. Deploying Self-Awareness and Destroying Self-Doubt Putting Down […]


This podcast chronicles the journey of a 30-something husband and father who is trying to discover his purpose in life and make his dreams a reality. It highlights one man's quest to be authentic and generous in the midst of a superficial and self-centered world.

About the host:

Geoff Desiato is a husband and father of two, with the responsibility to provide for his family. He's a proud high-school graduate who has worked full-time since he was 17 years old. But after 13 years of working for “The Man,” and being told that he needed to go back to school if he wanted to be successful, Geoff experienced a pre-mid-life crisis.

Like many people, Geoff had passions and dreams but not the ability or confidence to pursue them. For instance, he is an aspiring actor and semi-professional singer. With the support of his wife, Geoff decided it was time to find a suitable career that would allow him to pursue his dreams while still providing for his family and doing something he loved.

So Geoff set out on his entrepreneurial journey by diving into the Real Estate industry. Upon getting his first taste of self-employment, Geoff became fascinated with entrepreneurship, and has since dedicated his time and energy to helping people who feel trapped in their day jobs discover how they are uniquely positioned to change the world!


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