The Not-So-Glamorous Side of Entrepreneurship = No Paid Sick Days

Sick Days

I’ve really been slacking on getting this blog posted regularly. My goal for 2017 was to blog every day, Monday-Friday. So much for that. In my defense, last week was a blur due to the unknown possibility of going to work for Sight & Sound. I had decided to keep it quiet until I knew the outcome, so there wasn’t much that I could write about without tipping my hand. So I went dark. If you listened to this week’s podcast, you now know the outcome.

Today, my kids are home from school due to the fever and cold that seems to be running rampant at this time of year. So that makes it difficult for someone like me, who works from home, to get any real work done. It’s days like these where I usually spend most of the day stuffing envelopes and labeling my monthly newsletters. I also miss my old house, where I had a den in which I could work with some privacy. Oh well, #firstworldproblems. I’m just happy that I have work to do.

I’ve also been sick for basically 3 months now. Which is common for me, as I mentioned previously in The Return of Wheezy McGee. In fact, I should probably buy stock in Kleenex, or whatever brand of tissues you find at ALDI, because my family goes through a few boxes A WEEK. Not sure where all of that snot comes from, but it’s getting ridiculous.

Now, there are a lot of benefits of being self-employed. Like the very fact that my kids can stay home from school without it throwing our routine completely out of whack. But I realize that I do miss being able to phone it in and get paid to be sick. One of the few benefits of being a W2 employee with benefits is the provided sick days. Oh well.

Anyway, I’m excited by the prospect of finally being able to move in the next year and a half. I do much better health-wise without wall to wall carpeting and a forced air heating system. So here’s hoping I can find that magical combination along with an office or 3rd bedroom to setup my little real estate business area. I’ll be in heaven if that happens.

That’s all I got for today. Almost up to 100 subscribers on the podcast so thank you for that. Until tomorrow, hopefully.