The Secret Garden, MCT (2015)

“Geoffrey Desiato as Archibald Craven made this tortured man come alive…solid and strong…” – B Sharp Productions





Into the Woods, Limelight Performing Arts Center (2016)

“Geoffrey Desiato…pull(ed)…triple duty filling the roles of Rapunzel’s Prince / Milky White / Lucinda… This is no easy feat, and… successfully created distinct, believable characters while also being able to smoothly transition between those characters (many times while remaining on stage) without interrupting the momentum of the story.” – B Sharp Productions






EVITA, MCT (2016)

“…a remarkable Geoffrey Desiato as Che.  He captured the angst and bitterness of the character and sang with a command and clarity unusual in a community theater production.” – B Sharp Productions




“Of course, I had other favorites of the night. Geoff Desiato in the role of Sebastian, the crab, was pretty darned amazing. He led two ensemble songs in the show that really were the best of the night for me. …Desiato’s voice…was wonderful.” –