“Trust Me, I’m a Politician”

“Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.” – Jerry Garcia

I try not to get into politics. It’s one of those things that you are told not to discuss, along with sex and religion. But I truly find it astonishing to see our country enamored by the spectacle that is our current political system. Social media was ablaze with every “genius” putting in their two cents about the debate last night. WARNING: The following post could be polarizing.

Full disclosure: I am a Christian. I was raised as a Republican and am currently registered as such. But I believe that those days are numbered. Now before you Democrats go celebrating over another convert, may I ask you to pump the brakes, please. 

The older I get, the more “radicalized” I feel I am becoming. I see more and more corruption being rewarded. I see more and more lip service on the campaign trails. I see one party who seems more concerned about protecting each individuals RIGHTS, than protecting individuals themselves. And I see another party who cries for justice in the face of discrimination while advocating the unjust and indiscriminate slaughter of millions of unborn children.

Meanwhile, the current state of media sensationalism has seared our conscience with a hot iron in the name of partisanship. 

What I value above all is THE TRUTH. And neither major political party seems too concerned about it. It’s all about spinning things to fit into the narrative that you want the American public to believe. 

The days of open dialogue are long gone, because no one wants to hear an opposing view. We post blatantly ignorant, blanket statements on social media for everyone to see and assume that all of our friends must agree. And if they don’t, then they are unenlightened neanderthals.

Is it possible that each individual does not have all the answers? Could it be that we are meant to communicate with one another to better understand where each person is coming from? 

These questions ring in my head daily, but are all the more jarring whenever we get to election season. I believe both major candidates are unethical. I believe they have both done heinous things in order to claim the ultimate position of power in the world. I do not believe that they are admirable for wanting to “help” our country. I do not believe that anything they say or do can be trusted. I also do not believe that if I don’t vote then I am helping one party or another. I have the right to vote, and I also have the right to refrain from voting when I feel that neither candidate represents my ideals.

If that makes me unAmerican, then we have redefined what it means to be American. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe there is some tea that needs to be dumped in a harbor somewhere.