Blogging Daily Is Hard When You Have A Busy Day Planned


I’ve been working on a blog post about educating yourself and I realize that there is no way it’ll be ready to post by the time I need to move to the next thing today. It is simply too important of a topic to just set a time limit and hit post before I fully get to formulate all of my ideas and thoughts. So instead, I figured I’d write a brief little post, since it’s Friday and all, and let you know what I’ve got coming up.

In a little over an hour, I’m heading out to a rehearsal for my cabaret performance next Tuesday. I’m really nervous because it’s just me and an accompanist and I have no idea how the songs I’ve selected will translate to that setting. We shall see.

Yesterday, amidst some fun in the snow with my kids, my wife and I found out that after a very long season of life, we’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage! For those of you who know our whole story, this is something we were unsure would ever happen again. (To hear the full story click here. If you’d prefer to read it, click here. So today we will be going out to look at houses for the first time in over 10 years. It is really exciting, especially since now I work in real estate and fully understand what we about to embark upon.

I was supposed to have a solo gig in Quakertown tonight, but I got canceled due to a private event at the venue. That’s okay, because tomorrow I have rehearsal for the Wizard of Oz all day and then right after that a performance with my dinner theater. Sunday the party continues with another performance in Deptford, NJ right after church.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay tuned for the podcast on Monday and I hope to see you at the Cabaret on Tuesday!