“I’d like to apologize on behalf of Realtors.” Desiato Homes announces a new mission and vision!


You may not even know me or how you came across the following message. Well, the truth is I’m not entirely sure myself. Please read my apology below:

I am sorry for sending the typical Real Estate marketing white noise over the past year. Please accept my sincerest apologies for any nonsensical emails that you have received from me.

(Never mind that I’m dressed like a knight. That is not relevant to this discussion.)

You see, ever since I started in this industry I have been told that that is how business is done in the world of real estate. Basically pester people until they finally either, (1) duck into dark alleys at the very sight of you as to avoid another sales pitch, or (2) concede and decide to work with you. I’ve been told it is my job to be a telemarketer, a salesman, but from where I come from, that is called being a NUISANCE!

When I got into this business, it was because I wanted to help people while being myself. It didn’t take long for me to see that my way of thinking doesn’t necessarily jell with the industry at large. I tried to do things differently but at some point along the way I started to subconsciously play the “sales” game out of desperation, trying to build my business from the ground up, but in actuality I was tearing down my credibility. And to that I say, NO MORE!

I have had an epiphany, a REVELATION, and I realize now what I need to do.

Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do. I create funny social media posts, I make silly videos. I get to be me. FULL TIME! What I do not love is selling my soul because that is what is expected in order to be successful in this business.
My desire since I started was to be a REAL person, not a salesperson. I wanted to help people by meeting their REAL needs, not my income needs.
DESIATO HOMES started as just a name for my website but God has given me a vision beyond that and I have been rejuvenated as a result.

What is the vision, you ask?
What is a home? Is it just an inanimate structure where we spend most of our time? NO!

I believe a home is where we are truly loved. Where we can comfortably take off the masks that society wants us to wear in order to fit in.
The home is the most important aspect of our society. It is where love flourishes. It is where hope is established. It is where dreams are realized. Without a place we can call home, we don’t feel loved. We feel hopeless. We don’t have a safe place to share our dreams without being laughed at.
Unfortunately, we have devalued the home. Broken homes, broken families are the norm. Why can’t our homes be the safe haven from the troubled world that they are intended to be? A place where outsiders are welcome to come and share a meal. Share in life together.

From this day forward, Desiato Homes is no longer just about selling houses. Four walls and a roof for “X” dollars and a commission check. It is about creating and restoring HOMES, one relationship at a time.

Over the coming weeks, you will no doubt see this shift in purpose begin to take shape. For example, I LOVE FOOD…GUILTY. So I would love to do a YouTube cooking show to encourage people to sit down and have a meal together. Maybe it will encourage you to invite someone into your home, someone you know that doesn’t have a family to share a meal with. I have over 7 years of experience in radio. Maybe I’ll start a podcast to get the word out about this movement. The ideas are still coming on how this vision can become reality, but for now, I ask that you carefully consider what this means for you.

Does this excite you as much as it does me? If it does, leave a comment and let me know.
I am looking to partner with like-minded individuals who want to join this cause to restore the American home.
Who knows? This movement could go global. Perhaps it will lead to resources being sent to build homes for those trapped in poverty in third-world countries.

The sky truly is the limit. And I’m looking for a few Rocketeers to join me in exploring and testing those boundaries.
I’m Geoff Desiato and I am no longer a Real Estate Salesperson as my license states, I am just a Real person who is eager to meet Real needs.

Thanks for reading and Godspeed.