#MakingARealtor – A new NetFlix Documentary


The Real Estate industry gurus try their best to create cookie-cutter agents who go with the flow and do things the same way as everyone else. It’s comfortable and safe and has worked for years. “Why make things harder for yourself? Stop trying to reinvent the wheel,” they say. “Make your cold-calls, knock on doors, farm neighborhoods. Get out there and sell, sell, sell!” They don’t like when people rock the boat. They don’t like when people try to stand out. Is that the kind of partner you want when you are trying to buy/sell a home? Someone who does everything the same way that it was done 20 years ago? Someone who ignores your social cues and persists in begging for your business? I refuse to let them make a typical “realtor” out of me. I dare to be different. I’m just a real person who wants to meet real needs. Don’t believe me? Read my past blog posts and listen to the podcast. I dare you. 


I am so thankful for those of you who have supported me and my business as I have rolled out my mission and vision. While my approach may be unconventional at times, I truly believe we are building a community of like-minded people who are more concerned with being authentic than appealing to the masses, while confronting fear and meeting real needs. There will always be naysayers and people who do not agree with my approach, which makes me value every comment, and email I receive even more, but I will continue to allow the personality, intelligence, and creativity that God has uniquely engineered within me to guide me through the dog-eat-dog business world. Below I have included some of the positive feedback that I have received in response to my new direction and mission.


Hey Geoff, I am intrigued by your concept and your out of the box thinking. Currently I am in the process of putting my business up for sale. People may think I’m crazy to do such a thing, since the business is doing very very well.  The problem is, I have to make a choice between lifestyle and BUSINESS. HOME life is very important to me. Unfortunately the stress and the demands of this business is restricting me of that. I work my butt off all summer to provide good quality life to my clients. I never get to fully enjoy summer with my own family… I am a “people pleaser” at my own personal expense. I’m tired, weary and burned out! 

I’m looking for a new course in life. Hopefully I can take the equity in my business and invest it in real estate.  I always liked real estate but not the rank-and-file sales approach. Obviously you’re not in to that as well. I’ve always loved the concept of fixing / flipping houses. Taking something that is dark, ugly and needs a lot of repairs and making it whole again! 

Like you, I am a dreamer, I’m never satisfied with the status quo. I could be one of your “Rocketteers” Mission Mayberry is ready to Launch!    

Best regards, Anthony


These podcasts have been changing my life. I’m 60 years old and was feeling very depleted. I started listening and I’m up and going! With a purpose. I thank you so much for being real and I have been sharing these with family members! Thank you so much!

It’s so refreshing to see someone be real and honest and transparent! To encourage and to challenge and when it’s all said and done it’s about growing in faith. – Susan



(In response to my video apology)

Geoff, I have to say you caught my attention with the subject line. As parents, Christians and fellow business owners i can say that (my husband) and I are totally drawn to people that have a bigger vision than just what they “do” for a living. Your video was great and took some nerve I’m sure! Maybe there’s a way we can work together in the future. Keep us in the loop!

– Sara


If you are like these folks, and are interested in knowing more about how I am using my Real Estate business to make a difference both locally and globally, I’d be happy to share my vision with you. Just drop me a line!

– Godspeed, Geoff