Sometimes When You Aim High You Split Your Pants


Now that spring is in full swing (see what I did there), many theaters are casting their upcoming seasons. I already have several auditions scheduled and am hoping to be able to lock-in my performance schedule for all of 2017 in the next few weeks. I am trying my best to add credits to my resume in short order before my next attempt to audition for Sight & Sound.

As a matter of fact, I had my first spring audition this past week and needless to say, I’m sure I left a lasting impression on the production team. This audition was sort of a last minute addition to my schedule. I decided to throw my hat into the ring for the role of Sebastian, the Jamaican accented Crab in the Little Mermaid at my local theater company. Typecasting, I know.

One thing I’ve learned as I continue my work as an actor is that auditioning is basically your job. And one thing I am trying to get better about is leaving everything in the audition room. I don’t want to walk out of there wishing I’d done this or that. You see, I have a tendency to be reserved during auditions. Mainly because of nerves and not wanting to go too far and mess myself up. Since this was a theater company I’ve worked with several times before I was a little less nervous and able to be myself. Which is what made this audition, for better or worse, one of the most memorable moments of my short acting career.

During the dance audition, I decided it would be funny to show off my *cough* agility with a high kick. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to dress appropriately for a dance audition, opting to wear my lucky red pants to give off a “crabby” vibe instead. As I did my best Chuck Norris impression, everyone in the room got to hear the sound of me ripping my pants.

Now usually making people cry in an audition room is a good thing. These tears however were not the kind I was hoping for. It took several minutes for everyone, including me, to compose themselves after that hilariously unfortunate mishap. But what can I say? I certainly put it all out there in the audition room. They won’t soon be forgetting yours truly. Hopefully, I will make a lasting impression in my upcoming auditions as well, though I doubt I will be tearing any more of my britches asunder by attempting feats of acrobatic skill and interpretive dance.