047: “The Ballad of the $9 Haircut Coupon” | Dealing with Post-Show Withdrawal

In this week’s episode, after growing my hair to play Che Guevara, I realize it’s time for a haircut. But when my frugality plays a game of chicken with my vanity, will my hair end up being the real loser?

Also, in the interest of time, I decided to split this week’s podcast into two episodes. It was either have an episode that was 25+ minutes, or one that was a little shorter than usual and get two episodes out of it. With the holidays approaching, and both real estate and acting responsibilities occupying most of my time, I opted for the latter option.

Happy Thanksgiving!


00:00-05:48 “The Ballad of the $9 Haircut Coupon”

05:49-08:12 “…Be Glad That It Happened” Dealing with Post-show Withdrawal

08:13-08:29 A call for sponsors

08:30-09:33 Sneak Peek of the next episode