Sorry! It’s been a while

I just realized that those of you who only listen to the podcast and don’t subscribe to my email didn’t get the update that closed on our new house. It’s official, we’re moving! And we’ve got a ton of work to do.

We ordered carpets, which are being installed on Monday. That means we need to paint every room getting new carpet today and tomorrow. It might be impossible but we have to try. Next Thursday our piano is being moved, and then finally everything else will move in next Saturday, May 20th. We are moving from East Norriton, PA to Royersford, PA and we couldn’t be more excited…and stressed. If you live locally and are interested in helping us with the move, I can offer pizza and drinks.

I’m hopeful that this will be our last move for another decade or more, because moving is the WORST! I am praising God that He got us through this process. I flailed and wailed quite a bit when things appeared to be falling apart, but He remained faithful.

Anyway, I gotta go drink some coffee and get some painter clothes on. Time is of the essence.