Throwback Thursday | This Time Last Year

A year ago this month I was having a career crisis. I had left my fulltime job in January 2015 to become a real estate agent and after 9 months of trying to do the things I was being taught by my brokerage, was struggling to see any growth in my business. I realize now it was because what I was being taught was not resonating with who I was and how I wanted to operate my business. I talk about it briefly in my introductory video.

My family and I were also preparing to move, a difficult process which I outlined in painstaking detail in one of my first blog posts.

So here I sit, exactly a year after rebooting my entire business model, and since it is #tbt (Throwback Thursday), I thought it would be good to outline some of the growth I’ve seen.

Since launching the Real Person | Real Needs podcast in November 2015, we have released 40 episodes, which have been downloaded by people all over the USA and even as far as England and Germany.

Since announcing the Real Person | Real Needs fund in April, I have been able to contribute $1500 of my real estate commission to three different non-profits. That is all thanks to my friends and family choosing me for their real estate needs instead of the prototypical real estate agent, and letting others know about what I am doing.

Since January, I’ve lost 25 lbs, ran my first 5k, and performed in my first professional theater production.


I thank God for helping me through some of the darkest and deepest valleys of my life and also for keeping me grounded on the mountaintops.

It’s important to take note of all of the blessings you’ve experienced so that when you are in the midst of tribulation, you can remember how God gave you the strength to get you through.

We are now officially in the 4th quarter of 2016, so here’s to finishing strong and setting the tone for great new year!